Even the name of the museum sounds innovative. It presupposes a look at what avant-garde art really is. The museum’s collection explores the forces that cause people to realise what has come before them, what is new and where the pioneering energy of an artist lies.

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Museum of Avant-Garde Mastery

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Bestowing of a Mantle of the Honorary Member of the Russian Academy of Arts to the President of the Museum of Avant-garde Mastery (MAGMA) Moshe Kantor. Moscow, Pushkin Museum

MOSCOW, 17 JANUARY 2018 On 17 January 2018, President of the Russian Academy of Arts and People’s Artist of the URSS Zurab Tsereteli officially awarded...

Exhibition “my Homeland Is Within My Soul” at the State Pushkin Museum

MOSCOW, 3 DECEMBER 2013 — 16 FEBRUARY 2014 For the first time in Russia, the Russian and Western European art of the late 19th–20th century...

MAGMA Exhibition in the Palace of Nations in Geneva

GENEVA, 1 JUNE — 31 AUGUST 2009 The Museum of Avant-Garde Mаstery presented its collection for the first time at the exhibition “My Homeland is...