Dr Moshe Kantor leads many charitable organisations in the UK, Europe and beyond, motivated by his deep commitment to education and philanthropy. He inspires young people to support his mission to eradicate intolerance, xenophobia, racism and antisemitism and believes that by educating, cultivating and supporting the young generation, we are nurturing the leaders of the future.

Alongside his co-trustees the Lord Levy and Mrs Luibov Kantor, Dr Kantor has established two charitable organisations in the UK. These are the Kantor Charitable Foundation to oversee British-based projects and the Kantor Foundation, which manages international philanthropic activity including the support to Yad Vashem – the World Holocaust Remembrance Centre.

Anna Freud Center

Kantor is a trustee and Life President of the Anna Freud Centre (London, UK). He is actively supporting the organization in its groundbreaking work for children, young people and their families who are experiencing mental health issues.

The Centre has pioneered the field of mental health care for over 60 years, bringing together leaders in neuroscience, social care and education to improve practice and understanding of the field. Developing and delivering the best possible evidence-based treatment, the Centre ensures that every child is at the heart of the care they receive. Through scientific innovation, research and collaboration the Centre is a leading light in mental health research and care.

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The Kantor Centre of Excellence

The Kantor Charitable Foundation has led the development of new the Kantor Centre of Excellence in London’s King’s Cross as an extension of the Anna Freud Centre. The pioneering project will bring together the very best in science, education and mental health to support vulnerable families. At the heart of the project is a school for 48 children who have been excluded from mainstream education and require specialist and dedicated support. The Centre will also offer staff a physical space to create and implement strategies. It will become a hub of innovation for research and best-practice and will establish a unique policy forum to enable experts to create effective clinical practices.

The Centre will deliver a range of postgraduate programmes for UK and international students and will facilitate the development of a national multimedia science communication strategy, to establish a source of information for child mental health research and practice.

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Kantor King Solomon High School

Kantor is patron and Honorary Life President of Kantor King Solomon High School (London, UK). Kantor is actively supporting the development of the school which is a leading Jewish Comprehensive school based in Redbridge.

The school is staunchly committed to the Jewish values of learning, community and charity, in line with Dr Kantor’s guiding principles. It offers an inclusive and caring environment, promoting tolerance and engaging students in the vibrant diversity of their world through deep academic learning. Kantor King Solomon High School comprises pupils from families of all faiths.

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University College School (UCS)

University College School (UCS) was founded in 1830 by University College London and inspired by the work of Philosopher Jeremy Bentham. The school embraces principles of liberal scholarship, tolerance and non-discrimination, an ethos closely aligned with Dr Kantor’s values. Over the years the Kantor Charitable Foundation has been supporting UCS in its activity including the building of a new sports pavilion, the Kantor Centre, alongside the redeveloped school playing fields in 2019. The Kantor Centre serves as the heart of sporting life at the school, providing pupils with the facilities to pursue sporting excellence. The opportunity for young people to participate in team sports develops not only physical health but also key personal attributes. Confidence, team spirit and collaboration are a few examples of skills that young people will develop through sporting activities at the Kantor Centre.

Psychoneurological nursing home in Novgorod Region

In 2013, after hearing of the tragic fire at the Malovishersky psychoneurological nursing home in Novgorod region which killed 37 patients, Kantor launched an initiative to upgrade infrastructure and equipment at inpatient social institutions locally and across Russia. Kantor personally paid to rebuild the nursing home and a new residential center which opened its doors two years after the fire.

The Kantor Foundation

The Kantor Foundation supports charities outside the UK and charitable projects of non-British NGOs. It invests heavily in European Jewish communities to enhance further education, religious and racial harmony, as well as various arts and musical causes including the lauded Colmar project – a unique classical music festival in 2018 and 2019 which brought together world-class symphonic music, choral works and chamber music. One of the Kantor Foundation’s most significant beneficiaries is Yad Vashem in Jerusalem, Israel.

European Jewish Fund

Kantor is the key founder and chairman of the European Jewish Fund (EJF), which focuses on promoting Jewish life throughout Europe by supporting programmes to reinforce Jewish identity and Jewish pride, especially by re-connecting young people with their rich and vital Jewish heritage. It is a non-governmental organization whose main task is to develop the Jewish life in Europe, reinforce the national identity of European Jewry and implement charitable and educational programs aimed at developing Jewish life on the continent. The Fund is also engaged in promoting tolerance, supporting intercultural and interreligious ties in Europe, and fighting xenophobia and anti-Semitism. The Fund supports a number of projects and holds seminars and conferences on urgent issues attended by prominent experts and young people.

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King Edward VII Hospital

In the heart of the West End of London, this unique hospital, steeped in heritage, is dedicated to medical excellence and truly personalised care. Dr Kantor is honoured to have been appointed Life Governor and Trustee. He is helping the hospital fulfil its vision with the creation of the Kantor Medical Centre – a new outpatient facility, which will ensure that patients are treated in a modern, safe and caring environment, continuing the tradition of providing the highest levels of care for everyone, in particular for veterans of the armed services. The Kantor Charitable Foundation is supporting the redevelopment of the site adjacent to the hospital, Macintosh House, a state-of-the-art building, which will provide specialist medical accommodation including consulting and examination rooms and supporting accommodation.

Royal Opera House in London, UK

Kantor is a member of the Board of Honorary Directors of Royal Opera House Covent Garden Foundation. Royal Opera House is an opera house and major performing arts venue in London.

Dr. Kantor is a member of the Board of Honorary Directors of Royal Opera House Covent Garden Foundation. Royal Opera House is an opera house and major performing arts venue in London. He has been a benefactor of the Royal Opera House since 2013, and has facilitated various projects. Dr Kantor’s commitments to the Royal Opera House, London’s most eminent opera house and performing arts venue, form part of his wider commitment to supporting the arts.

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Yad Vashem

The world-famous Holocaust memorial museum in Jerusalem is the Kantor Foundation’s longest-standing project. The Foundation has supported many of the organisation’s activities and projects for over a decade and remains committed to the deep impact and international influence of the museum and its programmes. In 2019, Yad Vashem nominated Dr Kantor as Chancellor of the Council.

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” Philanthropy unites people of all races and religions without exception” 

“My objective is not to invest in art and seek profit, but to realise my moral and ethical ideals, to explain to all the people of the world that art transcends all boundaries and serves as the foundation for a tolerant and democratic society. It unites people of all races and religions without exception”.


Viatcheslav Moshe Kantor