Nazis Would Be Proud Of Sunday Times Racist, Anti-Semitic Israel Cartoon

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One has to ask The Sunday Times in London just one question.

Which Arab state paid you to bash Israel? To take a punch at the Jews?

Why would any newspaper in any free democracy take a racist shot at Israel, at every Jew around the world?

As over 60,000 civilians are murdered in Syria, as Iran declares its intention to build nuclear weapons for use against the Infidels of the West, Israel – the only free, open democracy in the Middle East – has just finished holding free and democratic elections.

Elections that placed Israeli Arabs into it’s Parliament – the Knesset.

So which Arab nation paid The Sunday Times to deflect from their massacres, corruption, poverty and unemployment to target Israel, the Jewish people? And in doing so, continuing the blood libel against the Jewish people.

The Sunday Times used International Holocaust Memorial Day not to honor the 6 million Jewish dead but instead to honor Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels. The Sunday Times ran a virulently anti-Israel cartoon illustrating a big-nosed Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu paving a wall with the blood and limbs of crying Palestinians.

The cartoon included a caption beneath the cartoon entitled “Israeli elections- will cementing peace continue?”

The racist cartoon was drawn by Gerald Scarfe, and appeared in the UK national paper on Sunday.

“This cartoon would be offensive at any time of the year, but to publish it on International Holocaust Remembrance Day is sickening and expresses a deeply troubling mindset,” said European Jewish Congress President Dr. Moshe Kantor. “This insensitivity demands an immediate apology from both the cartoonist and the paper’s editors.”

Media monitor Honest Reporting labeled it “a blood libel on a day when the millions of victims of the Holocaust are remembered”, while Rabbi Yitzhak Schochet of Mill Hill Synagogue urged the newspaper to “retract that vile piece of anti-semitism and apologize to your readership and affected communities”.

The Sunday Times defended its racist cartoon in response to charges of anti-Semitism. “This is a typically robust cartoon by Gerald Scarfe,” a spokesman for the Times said. “The Sunday Times firmly believes that it is not anti-Semitic. It is aimed squarely at Mr. Netanyahu and his policies, not at Israel, let alone at Jewish people.”

Scarfe and the editorial staff of the The Sunday Times should quit its spin and own up to its Nazi / Iran style cartoons of the Jews. Do we want to begin with the size of Netanyahu’s nose? Or should we go for the crying Palestinians?

As one who served in the Israel Defense Forces as an Humanitarian Officer, I can proudly state that whether it be at security checkpoints to prevent Islamic Jihad bombings (remember 7/7 in London), visiting shopping malls and parks in Israel, Palestinians are provided with as much respect as any other human being. Their freedoms are no different than the freedoms of Jews or Christians in Israel.

I call on the editorial staff of The Sunday Times to come to Israel and show the world where and how the Palestinians, who reject Israel as a Jewish nation and any offer of a real and lasting peace, are suffering.

What The Sunday Times cartoon and defense of this racist cartoon does is not to attack Israel’s Prime Minister. But the Israeli people who voted for Benjamin Netanyahu and Jews and Christians around the world who support democratic Israel. The cartoon serves to deflect off the real problems in the Middle East and incites hate against Israel and every Jew from London, Manchester and Leeds to New York, Paris and Rome.

As one who lived in London, I know first hand the rampant anti-Semitism that exists in the UK. I know of the Jews, not all, who would rather keep their jobs and be quiet in the face of it. The Board of Deputies of British Jews has lodged a complaint today with the Press Complaints Commission, an independent body for the UK’s printed press.

Jon Benjamin, Chief Executive of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, stated: “The cartoon is shockingly reminiscent of the blood libel imagery more usually found in parts of the virulently anti-Semitic Arab press. Its use is all the more disgusting on Holocaust Memorial Day, given the similar tropes leveled against Jews by the Nazis.

But now, The Sunday Times needs to answer beyond the borders of England.

For there are many Jews and Christians around the world who will not remain silent. Who will not tolerate this desecration of Jews on a day that marks the murder of many in our families.

We who remember Auschwitz-Birkenau, Bergen-Belsen, Buchenwald, Treblinka and Sobibor will not allow The Sunday Times to go quietly into the night after spitting on the memory of our murdered dead.

Who paid The Sunday Times and or Gerald Scarfe to run this Nazi style cartoon?

Syria, Iran, Egypt or Saudi Arabia?

Or was it al Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah or Islamic Jihad?