Punish Racist Fans’ Says Soccer Legend Samuel Eto’o

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Former Chelsea and Barcelona star shocked by Paris Metro incident

Former Chelsea striker Samuel Eto’o has called for racist football fans to be heavily punished as he returned to London on this wee to collect a reward for his stance against intolerance.

The former Barcelona striker, who has been a victim of racial abuse several times during his illustrious career, said he was shocked to see the
video footage last month of Chelsea fans pushing a black man off the metro train in Paris.

“I was shocked when I saw those images, but fortunately Chelsea has millions of fans worldwide,” African football’s most successful player said at the presentation at Kensington Palace in London.

“These five or 10 fans are not representative of all the other fans,’ added the four times African player of the year and twice African Nations Cup winner,” he added

“We are here to fight against these issues and try to have harsher laws that are applied in a very tough way to fight against this abuse.”
The Sampdoria striker was given the European Medal of Tolerance by the European Council on Tolerance and Reconciliation (ECTR), which is a non-governmental campaigning organisation.

“Football is a very important vehicle to fight racism, Islamic radicalism, neo-nazism and anti-semitism,” said ECTR president Moshe Kantor, who warned of an increasing issue in Europe.”

Five men involved in the incident on the Paris Metro ahead of a Chelsea match have been served with summonses, police have said.

The men will appear at Waltham Forest Magistrates’ Court on March 25 ‘regarding a police application for football banning orders’, Scotland Yard said.

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