‘Huge Increase’ In Anti-Semitism In 2014

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An annual report on global anti-Semitic incidents by the Kantor Center for the Study of Contemporary European Jewry, released today, says 766 violent anti-Semitic acts occurred against Jewish persons or institutions such as synagogues, community centers, schools, cemeteries and monuments as well as private property, amounting to an increase of 38% compared to 2013, in which 554 violent incidents were registered.

The highest number of violent cases was registered in France, “for a number of consecutive years now,” according to a press statement by the European Jewish Congress, which took part in preparing the report: 164 compared to 141 in 2013.

“Many streets in our European cities have become hunting grounds for Jews, and some Jews are now forced to avoid community institutions and synagogues as a result,” Dr. Moshe Kantor, leader of the European Jewish Congress, said. “Some are choosing to leave the continent, many are afraid to walk the streets and even more are retreating behind high walls and barbed wire. This has become the new reality of Jewish life in Europe.”