Russian President Putin To Jews In Europe: Come To Russia

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During Meeting with President Putin European Jewish Congress Called for Greater International Cooperation against Global Terror

Russian President Vladimir Putin has called on European Jews to come to Russia because of anti-Semitism in Europe.

“They can come to us,” he told a delegation of the European Jewish Congress (EJC) led by its presiden Moshe Kantor on a visit to Moscow to discuss areas of concern to the Jewish community.

Issues raised during the discussion included the rise of anti-Semitism and the threat of global terror, which is frequently aimed at Jewish targets.

Kantor mentioned the rise in threat to Jewish communities around the continent. “Statistically, the situation of the Jews in Europe is the worst it has been since the end of the Second World War and there is a very real prospect of an exodus of Jews from certain parts of Europe,” he said.

“It is not only the terror attacks against our communities, like in Toulouse, Brussels, Paris and Copenhagen, but a daily feeling of fear to walk in the streets as Jews, or the necessity to live behind thick security doors, cameras and high fences.”

Putin replied: “I’ve seen reports that Jewish people there are afraid of wearing a yarmulke in public. They’re trying to hide their ethnicity.”

“They can come to us,” he said.

‘’They left from the Soviet Union. Let them return,” the Russian president was quoted as saying.

While Jews were once again a prominent target for global terror during 2015, the attacks in Paris, the U.S., and elsewhere, and the mass murder of Russians on an airline in the Sinai, show that the terrorists target us all,” Kantor said during the meeting..