French President Warns Against Le Pen Vote

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At World Jewish Congress assembly, the courting of Israel by far-right parties like Marine Le Pen’s National Front raises concerns

For far-right candidate Marine Le Pen, the Kremlin said it respected the first round results, denying it supported the far-right candidate and saying it hopes to have good relations with France.

And on Holocaust Remembrance day, European Jewish congress president Moshe Kantor said the National Front leader was “no less risky than her Holocaust-denying father who she has tried to hide” – expelled party founder Jean-Marie Le Pen. While polls had shown a solid core of support for Le Pen, a number large enough to get her into the second round, recent surveys has also revealed a surge for the far-left candidate. “What is at stake is France’s make-up, its unity, its membership of Europe and its place in the world”.

The dejected French establishment, rejected by French voters on Sunday, quickly rallied around Mr Macron yesterday, telling supporters to vote for him and see off Ms Le Pen, who has vowed to take France out of the EU.

Her party wants to slash immigration, clamp down on trade, and overturn France’s relationship with Europe.

He said banks were the obvious winners from a more certain economic outlook with Mr Macron in charge.

“So, this evening, I am no longer the president of the National Front”.

Le Pen, needing millions more votes to beat Macron on May 7, has vowed to keep the Amiens plant open if elected, come what may. French centrist presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron, center, poses for a picture after a visit at the Raymond Poincare hospital in Garches, outside Paris, France, Tuesday, April 25, 2017.

But Macron’s party spokesman, Benjamin Griveaux, scoffed at the idea of Le Pen as an agent of change.

The intervention by her father follows her announcementyesterday that she plans to step back from day-to-day management of the far-right party he founded ahead of the runoff and marks the latest tussle between the two of them over its future direction.

“We are the ones who will defend the most and the best in the democracy”.

Opinion pollsters predicted Macron to comfortably defeat her by at least 60 percent. (Onwards!) party structure as a “movement” transcending the left-right divide. Business owners and producers gave Le Pen a warm welcome, while workers, often of immigrant backgrounds, shouted “racist” at her as she passed by.

US President Donald Trump on Monday asked France’s envoy to the United Nations about the French presidential elections following a first round of voting at the weekend.