European Jewish Congress: Horror And Sadness Over London Attack

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EJC issues prudent condemnation; leadership for Jews gingerly avoided.

The European Jewish Congress (EJC) expressed horror and sadness over the vehicular and stabbing attack in the center of London on Saturday night, which resulted in six people dead and dozens injured.

“Unfortunately, once again London has been hit at its very center by a barbarous and repugnant terrorist killing spree,” Dr. Moshe Kantor, President of the EJC, said in a press release. “This strike, timed for just before the general elections, was meant to cower and instill fear in a great democracy.”

“However, we saw the resilience of the British people last night and we know it will continue as the government and police will do its utmost to find those behind these slayings.

“The European Jewish Congress and the Jewish communities of Europe extend our deepest condolences to the British Government and people and pray for the welfare of those injured,” Kantor said.

The press release included no message to Europe’s Jews regarding aliya (immigration to Israel) or the sustainability of an European Jewish presence within the current developing reality.