Jeremy Corbyn Ally Ken Loach Demands Labour MPs Who Protest Against Anti-Semitism Get Sacked

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The leftie film director accused MPs who marched against anti-Semitism last month of ‘dirty tricks’

Labour MPs who protested against the party’s handling of anti-Semitism should be KICKED out of the party, a key ally of Jeremy Corbyn has declared.

Leftie film director Ken Loach said MPs who had attended the demonstration outside Parliament a fortnight ago were up to “dirty tricks”, the Mail reported.

A dozen Labour MPs joined thousands of Jewish communities and activists to demand Mr Corbyn do more to stamp out hatred within the party.

The Enough is Enough protest organised by the Board of Deputies and the Jewish Leadership Council was attacked by far lefties who said it was all an attempt to smear Mr Corbyn ahead of the local elections.

Mr Loach, who made the Labour boss’s campaign videos last year for the general election, told supporters in a speech yesterday: “If they’ve been going to the demonstration against him outside Westminster… those are the ones we need to kick out.

“Unless we get Labour MPs who believe in that manifesto last year we won’t get in power.”

He added: “You cannot work with people who have come to undermine the biggest challenge we’ve had – we’ve never had a leader like Corbyn before in the whole history of the Labour Party… and that’s why the dirty tricks are going to come out.”

He went on to accuse the Israeli government of “infiltrating and undermining the Labour left”.

The I, Daniel Blake film director was speaking at a screening of the movie organised by the Kingswood Constituency Labour Party.

John Mann, Wes Streeting, Liz Kendall and John Woodcock were among the Labour MPs who attended the demo – and have been targeted with abuse already.

And Thangam Debbonaire was said to have been “bullied and laid into” by her local Labour group for going too.

Labour MP Jess Phillips, who also attended, tweeted today: “Dear Ken, this month I’ve helped 30+ people have disability benefit reinstated because I have a specialist surgery to help with tribunals.

“I save Daniel Blake’s, but yeah because I hate racism I’m the problem. Get rid of me if you want, like some entitled dude who makes demands.”

But when he was asked by the Mail to clarify his remarks, he said they “do not reflect my position”.

He added: “Re-selecting an MP should not be based on individual incidents but reflect the MP’s principles, actions and behaviour over a long period. Being an MP is not a job for life.

“My view is that candidates should be selected for every election and party members should be able to make a democratic choice.”

Today’s news came as the head of a European Jewish group hit out at the Labour leader over his response to anti-Semitism.

At the release of a report on anti-Semitism worldwide Moshe Kantor expressed concern about the views of the Labour supporters.

The European Jewish Congress President said today: “His followers and supporters openly share on social media some of the most malevolent Holocaust denial and international Jewish banking conspiracies reminiscent of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

“It leads us to believe that this normalisation of Jew-hatred has reached the highest levels.”

A fresh report out today by Tel Aviv University’s Kantor Centre said that Jewish communities were experiencing a “normalisation and mainstreaming of anti-Semitism not seen since the Second World War.”

And just yesterday Israel’s Labor Party said they had to cut ties with the Labour boss over the scandal which is still engulfing the party.

Avi Gabbay said it was his responsibility to “drive out” hatred within his own party.