Labour Suspends Councillor Over Anti-Semitic Facebook Post Claiming ‘Jews Drink Blood’

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Labour has suspended a councillor over an anti-Semitic online post claiming Jews drink blood and sexually abuse children.

Damien Enticott is said to have posted the video on his Facebook account, referring to ‘Talmud Jews’ as ‘parasites’.

The post also said they were child rapists and called for them to be executed.

A Labour source said he had been suspended pending an investigation.

Mr Enticott, who sits on Bognor Regis town council in West Sussex, denied he had posted the clip, suggesting one of his housemates may have shared it in his name.

The incident comes amid an ongoing row within Labour over its decision not to fully adopt an internationally-recognised definition of anti-Semitism as part of a new code of conduct.

The post emerged as a screengrab shared on Twitter by former Labour councillor Adam Langleben. It showed a video titled ‘Jewish ritual: They drink blood’ and also included a sickening obscenity.

The comment above read: ‘This is done only by Talmud Jews. Talmud Jews are parasites!

‘They also believe any child over 3 years old that isn’t a Jew should be treated like a parasite, they believe it is ok to even rape that child it’s is worthless [sic]. To treat a non Jew decently means that you are as bad as them. All Talmuds need executing!’

The Talmud is the source from which Jewish law is derived.

A Labour spokesman said: ‘The Labour Party is committed to challenging and campaigning against [anti-Semitism] in all its forms.

‘Complaints about anti-Semitism are fully investigated in line with our rules and procedures and any appropriate disciplinary action is taken.’

Mr Enticott told the Jewish Chronicle he had not posted the video and added that he lived in a shared house and had taken his passwords off the computer.

He said: ‘The statement that was made wasn’t by myself. I don’t share anti-Semitic views at all.’

Jeremy Corbyn was yesterday accused by a leading international Jewish group of being ‘unable and unwilling to confront anti-Semitism’ in his party.

The European Jewish Congress said his claim that he is committed to fighting racism ‘rings hollow’ in light of the ongoing feud over changes to the party’s code of conduct on tackling anti-Jewish abuse.

Dr Moshe Kantor, the group’s president, voiced fears that ‘the possible future Prime Minister of Britain’ was failing to properly deal with the issue.

With this latest row emerging on Facebook, the internet giant continues to face accusations of not doing enough to take down anti-Semitic posts.

A newspaper report said posts claiming Jews are ‘barbaric and unsanitary’ remained on the site despite being flagged. Facebook says that it is committed to removing posts that are reported.