EJC President Meets With Israeli Foreign Affairs Minister, Mayor Of Jerusalem And Likud Chairman

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Viatcheslav Moshe Kantor, President of the European and Russian Jewish Congresses, met with several leading Israeli politicians during his recent trip to Israel.

In Jerusalem on January 29, 2008, Mr. Kantor met with Israeli Foreign Affairs Minister Tzipi Livni to discuss urgent issues facing Israel and international Jewry, in particular the peace process, the Iranian threat and the need to counteract assimilation.

Mr. Kantor assured the Israeli Foreign Affairs Minister of the European Jewish Congress’ (EJC) full support for the Israeli Government regarding the issue of a peace settlement in the region. On the topic of developments in the Iranian situation, both parties came to the conclusion that the France’s upcoming chairmanship of the European Council promises to intensify the international community’s pressure on Iran.

The meeting also touched on the issue of developing a dialogue between Israel and the European Council on anti-Semitism. Mr. Kantor stated that the EJC, as the main organisation representing Jews in Europe, considers itself as a natural partner in this dialogue.

During his visit to Israel, Mr. Kantor also met with Uri Lupolianski, Mayor of Jerusalem, and Benjamin Netanyahu, Chairman of the Likud Party. These meetings touched on issues of Diaspora Jews’ direct participation in the future of Israel and relations between Israel and the European Union.

In addition, the Likud leader agreed with the EJC President about the importance of the International Conference on Preventing Nuclear Catastrophe, convened last May in Luxembourg, as an efficient tool to counteract the threat of nuclear technologies and materials falling into the hands of threshold countries and to thwart the danger posed by Iranian nuclear programme.