European Jewish Congress GA Extraordinary Session Held In Paris. New Constitution Adopted And Congress’ Leadership Mandate Extended

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On February 10, 2008, an extraordinary session of the General Assembly of the European Jewish Congress (EJC) took place in Paris with delegates from more than 40 European Jewish communities. After many years of strenuous effort, the EJC adopted a constitution that will enable it to operate more efficiently and contribute to fruitful cooperation among Jewish communities in Europe.

The 85 members of the EJC’s electing body were asked to vote on the constitution, an extension of the mandates of EJC elected officers, the creation of a task force to reassess the demographics of European Jewry, and granting Hungary a permanent seat on the EJC Executive.

A two-thirds majority was required to adopt the constitution: 63 voted in favour, 22 voted against and 0 abstained. The new terms of mandate for EJC officers elected during the last General Assembly (June 2007) were passed by a vote of 51 in favour to 34 against. By a majority of 57 for and 28 against, delegates endorsed the creation of a task force to reassess the demographics and representation of the EJC’s communities.

Extending the mandates of the EJC’s leadership will strengthen stability inside the Congress and allow it to make long-term plans and implement large-scale projects.

Other issues were also discussed at the GA session, including the Iranian nuclear threat, the dangers and challenges on the approach to the Durban II conference, the escalation of anti-Semitism in Europe, and the need to increase the involvement of European Jewish youth in the Congress’ activities.