Russian Jewish Congress Convenes Presidium Meeting

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On March 18, the Russian Jewish Congress Presidium met in the Memorial Synagogue at the Poklonnaya Gora museum complex in Moscow. The meeting was led by President of the Russian Jewish Congress Viatcheslav Moshe Kantor.

A majority of Presidium members re-elected Nikolay Propirny as Executive Vice President and introduced the position of Vice President for fundraising. Darina Privalko, who worked for Hillel International for several years, was unanimously elected to the job.

Upon recommendation of the RJC Presidium Bureau, Presidium Bureau members Boris Liberman, Vitaliy Malkin and Simon Yusufov requested to be relieved from their posts and Boris Belotserkovsky was promoted to Bureau member.

Newly elected members of the RJC Presidium:

Alla Gerber, member of the Russian Federation Public Chamber, President of the Holocaust Foundation

Aleksandr Brod, Director of the Moscow Bureau for Human Rights

Vadim Polyansky, Chairman of Maccabi Union of Russia

Leonid Kolton, Director of the Idud Chasidim Hesed Association in Russia

Dmitry Elyashevich, Rector of the St. Petersburg Institute for Jewish Studies.