Russian Jewish Congress Reaction In The Gaza Strip

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Now as the military operation by the Israel Defense Forces in the Gaza Strip is reaching its culmination, it is necessary to support the Israelis in fighting for peaceful life and security of their state.

We see the reasons why the Jewish State has to defend itself: for over three years about a million of Israel residents have been under mortar and rocket fire by Hamas – the organisation considered as terrorist by Israel and the global community, as well as by many Palestinians. Instead of establishing quiet life in Gaza the Hamas leaders turned the Strip into anti-Israeli site after seizing the power in a murderous war. The site where weapons and ammunition have been trafficked, secret armories built and terrorist attacks planned, the site to fire on the Israeli territory.

By demolishing the terrorist infrastructure in Gaza today Israel has refused any compromise with those who use violence against civil population to achieve their goals. Reference is made equally to occupation of a Russian school, of a hotel in India or rocket fire on cities and villages in Israel.

We are grieving for Gaza citizens who are dying because the Strip population is cynically and in cool blood abused by the Hamas fighters as human shield. They are hostages to the struggle to death unleashed by the Hamas leaders against Israel. The Hamas movement is solely responsible for the death of civil population in Gaza and Israel.

With reference to the action in Gaza the Russian Jewish Congress calls to resisting any extremists’ provocations involving either Jewish or Muslim communities and counteract any efforts to instigate ethnic hatred.