Russian Jewish Congress Bureau Proposes Updating Management Structure, Recommends Yuri Kanner As New RJC President

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Participants of the RJC Bureau meeting on March 3, 2009 came to the conclusion that the Congress’ wide range of focus and dynamic activities require changes in the management structure.

Bureau members discussed the significant changes in the RJC’s activities in recent years as the Congress has expanded its sphere of interests and the scope of its projects implemented in Russia and Europe – from targeted charitable giving and educational programmes to large-scale public and political initiatives aimed at strengthening international security, promoting tolerance and mutual respect and fighting all manifestations of racism, xenophobia and neo-Nazism.

Meeting participants acknowledged that the current structure of the RJC’s management needs to be updated and adopted a resolution recommending that the RJC Presidium introduce the post of Presidium Chair. Bureau members unanimously voted to recommend prominent activist and philanthropist Yuriy Kanner for the post of RJC President and current RJC President Viatcheslav Kantor for the post of Presidium Chair. The new structure will provide greater flexibility and efficiency as the Congress continues to grow and develop.

Under the RJC charter, candidates for the President’s post and resolutions to amend the structure of the organisation’s management must be approved by the RJC Presidium at an extraordinary meeting. The exact date for the meeting has yet to be set.

In February 2009, Viatcheslav Kantor expressed a desire to retire as President in order to focus on his humanitarian projects and international public and political activities. At that time, the RJC Presidium asked Kantor to stay on as President for another two months.