EJC Vows To Use All Legal Means To Fight Vilification Of Israel At Start Of Campaign

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EJC President Kantor: A threat to Israel is a threat to Europe

The European Jewish Congress (EJC), in conjunction with the World Jewish Congress (WJC), has launched a new campaign in support of Israel that will battle the attempts to vilify the Jewish State.

The campaign, initiated by the WJC, has begun with a project which calls on all Jewish affiliated communities throughout Europe to widely circulate a pledge of support to Israel and mobilize as many signatures as possible. The petition will then be delivered to the President of the State of Israel, Shimon Peres.

A statement on the petition reads: “62 years after its founding, Israel is still struggling to exist in peace and security. Yet even its right to defend itself from terrorist attack is questioned.”

Dr. Moshe Kantor, President of the EJC explained that this petition was the first initiative in a campaign that would battle the attempts to vilify Israel in a holistic and multi-layered fashion. “The first step is merely to create awareness. The campaign will be long and arduous, but we promise to consider using any means, as long as they are legal, to assist our brothers and sisters in Israel during this difficult battle,” Kantor said. “

The EJC believes that this is not only a campaign in support of Israel, but will also help Europeans.

“Unfortunately, there are a few people whose agenda is to delegitimize Israel and have managed to distract attention from the very real threats from Iran and Islamic fundamentalism. Israel is a nation which shares our morals and values as Europeans and is on the frontline of the battle against an Iranian leadership whose missile range extends into the heat of Europe. Now, more than ever, Europeans should be standing alongside Israel and understand that a threat to Israel is a threat to Europe.

Defending Israel is defending the mere principal of democracy,” Kantor said.

Kantor and the EJC will seek to enlist its many contacts and connections with European officials and press to implement existing legislation against hate crimes, which should include the defamation of Jews and the Jewish State.

“Not only will we use our means to fight against those who defame Israel, but we will use our means to show the true Israel to a continent which sometimes doesn’t receive the full picture,” Kantor continued. “Israel, as the only democracy in the region, is a natural ally to Europeans and it is important to demonstrate how we in Europe only benefit from Israel’s presence and its excellence in such fields as hi-tech, medicinal technologies and environmental preservation.”

The EJC is the democratically elected representative body of European Jewish communities.