European Jewish Congress Applauds The Ban On The IHH In Germany And Calls On Other European Governments To Follow Suit

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The European Jewish Congress (EJC) applauds the decision by the German government to outlaw the Foundation for Human Rights and Freedoms and Humanitarian Relief (Insani Yardim Vakfi), otherwise known as the IHH, and calls on other European nations to follow Germany’s lead.

A month ago, the EJC led a campaign to garner support for banning the IHH in the European Union and individual European nations. Dr. Kantor sent an official request to the European Union Foreign Affairs Council and High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Catherine Ashton, requesting that the IHH be placed on the EU list of proscribed terrorist organizations and its assets seized and frozen according to EU Council Common Position 2001/930/CFSP of 27 December 2001.

“Over a month ago we called on front-groups like the IHH to be proscribed and banned from raising funds in Europe. We encourage the European Union to give this the highest priority,” EJC President Dr. Moshe Kantor said. “Now that Germany has shown the way, we hope that European Union and other European governments will officially ban the IHH.”

“It is vital that the European Union and European governments act quickly to ban organizations which pose as charities or humanitarian agencies from raising funds that assist terrorism, murder and militant activity.”

Germany banned the group because of its ties to Hamas, which is designated as a terrorist organization by the EU.

“Today, there is a global network of terror that works under our noses in Europe and they try and stay one step ahead of the authorities,” Kantor said. “It is unfortunate that it took the tragic flotilla incident to wake us up to this reality. We call on European officials to identify and outlaw these front organizations before they act and then we can save a lot of pain and heartache.”

“We repeat the call made to the EU presidency and High Representative Ashton that the EU has the formal framework to immediately proscribe the IHH and similar groups and freeze their assets,” Kantor said.