Moshe Kantor: ‘There Must Be Consequences For Von Trier’S Anti-Semitic Remarks’ In Cannes

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European Jewish Congress President Moshe Kantor denounced remarks made by film director Lars Von Trier in Cannes, calling them “another reminder of the seeming comfort that anti-Semites feel expressing their prejudices in public gatherings.“

During a press conference at the Cannes film festival, von Trier said Wednesday he sympathized “a little bit” with Adolf Hitler when asked about his German roots.

In a reaction to this comment, Moshe Kantor said: “We have seen too many examples of ‘respectable Anti-Semitism’ in Europe during the last year and Von Trier’s outburst is merely another example.”

He added, “There must be consequences for these types of racist tirades, or it will just continue and escalate.”

“It is vital that the European political leadership draw a line and legally proscribe hate speech, because Jews are becoming the fashionable target of increasingly intolerant elements within the political, academic and entertainment strata. Just as the fashion industry has made John Galliano an outcast because of his hate speech, so the film industry should do the same with Von Trier,” Kantor said.