EJC President Kantor Calls On Eu Leaders To Consider The Long Term Implications Of A Nuclear Iran

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European Jewish Congress President Moshe Kantor called on European leaders to consider the long term implications of a nuclear Iran, rather than the short ramifications of imposing sanctions on Iran’s oil industry.

“Placing sanctions on Iran’s oil will probably have negative effects on the global oil industry for a short period of time,” he said.

“However, allowing Iran to achieve nuclear weapons capability will mean that the Iranian leadership will be able to hold the world hostage by controlling the price of oil for years, if not decades, to come.”

European Union Foreign Ministers, who met on Thursday, agree to impose additional sanctions on Iranian people and companies or organizations, but failed to agree on an oil embargo.

The decision to take new measures was made in light of the storming of the British embassy in Tehran.

“Obviously the timing with Europe in financial crisis could have been better,” Kantor continued. “However, this is a real test for Europe, whether it’s based on moral and just grounds or just a commercial union.”

“We saw additional evidence of Iran’s intentions towards Europe with the reports that Germany could become a target. This is no longer a regional issue and is a threat that could reach the heart of Europe. This should be a game-changer for European leaders and they can no longer think of themselves as bystanders to the Iranian nuclear threat.”

Kantor, who is also president of the International Luxembourg Forum on Preventing Nuclear Catastrophe, an international non-governmental organization uniting leading world-renowned experts onnon-proliferation of nuclear weapons, materials and delivery vehicles, argues that the window for preventing a nuclear-armed Iran “is very small.”

“Iran is not impervious to the sanctions but they have to be crippling and target its most powerful institutions like its oil and gas industries and the Iranian central bank,” said Kantor.