EJC condemns the incessant and murderous rocket fire from terrorist groups in Gaza

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(Sunday, May 5, 2019) – The European Jewish Congress condemns the incessant and murderous rocket fire from the Gaza Strip by terrorist groups Hamas and Islamic Jihad, and calls on the international community to provide unmitigated support for Israel as it seeks to bring peace and calm for its residents under fire.

So far, four have been killed in Israel and around 150 have been injured as a result of the over 700 rockets fired from Gaza by terrorist organizations since Saturday.

“The rockets fired on Israeli population centers are an attempt at mass murder of Jews and a war crime,” Dr. Moshe Kantor, President of the EJC, said. “We know that Hamas, according to its own charter and comments, seeks the ethnic cleansing and genocide of the Jewish People, so its actions should be seen as on a par with the shootings of Jewish communities in Pittsburgh and San Diego.”

“The motivation is the same, even if in Israel the people have the IDF to protect them. However, it is time the international community saw what is happening and gave its full support to Israel in order to bring peace and calm, not just for Israelis, but also for Palestinians being used as pawns by the brutal and bloodthirsty Hamas regime.”