EJC calls on all Europeans to reject extremism and stand up for fundamental values and freedoms

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(Brussels, Tuesday, May 21, 2019) – The European Jewish Congress (EJC) calls on all Europeans to reject extremism and populism and to stand up for fundamental values and freedoms ahead of the European elections, which will take place between 23-26 May.

“We have seen a constant and worrying rise of extremist parties, from both the far-Right and the far-Left, and populist parties in elections across the continent and we are concerned that this trend will continue in the European elections,” Dr. Moshe Kantor, President of the EJC, said. “These parties are a danger to Europe, a danger to democracy and pose a threat to minorities in Europe, including to the Jewish community.”

All polls and many commentators are predicting that extremist and populist forces are set to make major gains in the European election. The polls also show that many mainstream pro-European parties will lose seats.

“Only through close political and economic cooperation can we ensure a peaceful and prosperous Europe, and that is the best guarantee for the wellbeing of our community. Therefore, we must work together to strengthen moderate forces in order to stem and even reverse the tide against the extremists.” Dr Kantor added.

”We remain deeply concerned that antisemitism and attacks on religious rights are used and abused for political gain and we call on all political parties to oppose all attempts to restrict the right to a Jewish life in Europe,” Dr. Kantor concluded.