European Jewish Congress’ Security and Crisis Centre to Hold Conference in Athens on Crisis Management and Best Practices after Devastating Fire

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(Brussels, Thursday, 2nd August 2018) – Following the devastating fires which ravaged Greece’s Attica Region, the European Jewish Congress’ Security and Crisis Centre (SACC) will hold a high-level conference on crisis management in order to study and analyse the dramatic consequences of this catastrophe.
The conference aims to facilitate open discussion about first response, crisis communications, leadership and the sharing of best practices.
“We want to participate in the process of building the best possible responses for future catastrophes and crises,” said EJC President Dr. Moshe Kantor. “The lessons learned from Greece will be extremely valuable in order to combat crises that arise around the world.”
“We hope that by working with Greek officials and experts, together we will be able to ensure  the best possible responses are shared between us and beyond that can be put to good use in the saving of countless lives.”
The conference will take place in Athens in mid-September and will be attended by international experts and academics in the field of crisis management, as well as by senior Greek officials and representatives from the country’s police, army, civil protection and intelligence services.
The SACC is a Brussels-based team of crisis management experts which assists countries and communities prepare and face crises and emergencies utilising the latest technologies, and the necessary means and amenities for supporting a large-scale community crisis event.