Address by the President of European Jewish Congress and Russian Jewish Congress Viatcheslav Moshe Kantor to the Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Belgium Yves Leterme at the Dinner “On Promoting Tolerance Throughout the European Continent”

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Dear Prime Minister!

With great honor I would like, on behalf of us all and especially on behalf of the European Jewry, to express the words of appreciation for the Kingdom of Belgium – the country which gave hospitality to our event.

We remember our past; we remember everything that happened during the 20th century and in the beginning of the 21st century.

We remember what was bad but we are obliged to remember what was good – for all of us, for Jewish and for non-Jewish street. And that’s why today we want to give you something which expresses the most significant thing in all our destiny.

We have the State of Israel – it is the biggest insurance we have in the European Jewry. If seventy years ago we had had the State of Israel this tragedy would have never happened.

I think in your activity it’s very important to always know the correct direction to our country, the direction to Jerusalem. This is the instrument. It is called The Golden Navigator to Jerusalem. This is Jewish GPS. And with the help of this instrument which was specially designed for the best friends of Jews in Europe wherever in the world you are you can find the right direction.